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The project manager for the rest of us.

There are already many other todo apps, yes - so why another one?

Because none of them personally fit my needs - and hopefully yours as well!

Complete allows you to create multiple projects within one window, add milestones to each project and under each milestone, add todo items.

Also, under each project, you can add as many files as you want, keeping all project files in one place.

Not only that, you can add notes to each project.

So to sum up the key features:

  • Add projects, milestones, todos.
  • Keep all project files in one place.
  • Add notes to projects.


Can I purchase Complete somewhere else than on the AppStore?

Yes, you can purchase it both on the AppStore and directly from within the app.

How do I add an icon to a project?

Under the project list, click on the gear button and select Project Settings. Then drag'n'drop an image file.

How do I add files to a project?

Select the project and drag'n'drop files onto the right column that says "No Files". Alternatively, you can use the + button. If you need a folder, use the gear button below and create one. If you need to rename the file, click on its name, wait for the name to become editable and enter a new name.

How do I open a file from one of the projects?

Simply double-click it.

How do I remove the file?

Select the file and use the - button under the file list.

How do I get the files out?

You can drag'n'drop any of those files wherever you want.