Whether you're a designer, developer or just a color enthusiast, Pochade is here to help you keep track of colors you use in your projects. Keep them grouped in collections and then easily copy their value.

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v2.3.2, requires OS X 10.10 or higher

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Pochade was acquired by Charlie Monroe Software in January 2016 along with the rest of Fuel Collective apps.
Unfortunately, Apple doesn't allow transferring apps that use iCloud between developers, which is why you need to re-purchase. To ease the transition, we've lowered Pochade's price ($4.99 down from $9.99).
Not at this moment. If you are interested in purchasing Pochade outside of the AppStore, contact us - if the interest in an alternative is large enough, we will likely consider it.

Pochade easily allows you to select any color from your screen, save your collection of colors, and get the color value the way you want.

Pochade is ideal for anyone that often has to get different color values from their screen.

You can also import your existing collections. We support ACO, ASE, and CLR files

Pochade also makes it easy to save your favorite colors in collections. This makes it even easier if you work in several applications that you need to share colors with.