Crashes and Hangs

They say that there is no such thing as a perfect piece of software. As much as we developers try, amongst those thousands of lines of code that stand behind an app, there’s almost always some tiny flaw that will cause the app to quit unexpectedly under certain circumstances. In order to fix that I need to see the crash log and to know what were the circumstances under which the application crashed (i.e. what were you doing that particular moment that led to the crash).

Most of our apps have custom crash reporting which allows you to fill in an email address and submit the report. Please do so and we will get back to you ASAP. This is what it looks like:


If you do not get a dialog like this, you get the “system treatment”. Depending on the macOS version that you run and your crash preferences, the instructions may differ a little. On most recent systems you get notification and when you click on it, you get the crash details:


Within this dialog, click and drag out the file icon in the title bar to get the report file - you can drag it e.g. to the Desktop and then attach it to your report.

Please never copy-paste the report directly into an email - the report is usually very long and it has formatting that makes it easier to interpret and this usually gets all messed up in mail. If you can’t drag out the file icon as mentioned above, please open TextEdit, copy-paste the report into a new document, save that document and include that file in your report.