Product Pricing

When you purchase an app, you are purchasing a license code that does not expire. It is not bound to a month, year, or any other period, it’s bound to that application’s major version. This means that if you purchase Downie 4, it will work with all Downie 4 versions (from 4.0 to 4.9.9 - over 100 updates are included in that price), if you purchase Permute 3, it will work with all Permute 3 versions (again from 3.0 to 3.9.9).

When a major upgrade comes along (such as Downie 5 or Permute 4 one day), you will not be forced to upgrade - you will not be charged and you will be free to keep using the older version for as long as you want. This said, please keep in mind that:

If you decide to upgrade when that time comes, you will be offered an upgrade discount (this offer does not expire), or if eligible, the upgrade will even be free. Here are dates that make you eligible for a free upgrade for existing versions:

The upgrade discount is always fairly high to make the upgrades affordable – in case of Downie, this is 50-75% off (i.e. you pay 25-50% of the retail price for the upgrade), in case of Permute, the discount is 30%.