Downie can import CSV or XML files with downloads to be processed with custom titles. To import such list of links, select File > Import from File... and follow on-screen instructions.

There several limitations as to what links are supported in this - the links must be directly supported by Downie, they must not be links handled by various Downie’s extraction techniques. Example: link to an embedded YouTube video ( is OK, link to a site that embeds that video and would require Downie to look around that page’s source code for the link is not.

CSV Format

The CSV file must contain two columns named url and title. Other columns may be present and will be omitted. Here is an example:

url,title,My Video Title

XML Format

The XML file must contain a root element called downloads, filled with children download, each containing url and title. Here is an example:

		<title>My Video Title</title>