Sites with Login

Some sites only display their content to users who or logged in. If you want to download content from such a site, you need to be logged into this site in Downie as well. Downie doesn’t get anything else than a link that you send to it - it doesn’t have access to any login or session information from your browser.

To access this content, Downie includes a feature called Login Browser. Downie usually detects that a site requires you to be logged in on its own and will present you with an option to login. If you are not presented with this option, select Browser > Login Browser… from the menu bar.

You will be presented with a dialog where you should enter a link to the website. Navigate to the login page and sign in. After that, click on the Done button in the top-right corner. Note that if you have logged in and the button still says Cancel, please navigate somewhere else on the page to force Downie to refresh - some sites load the login information in the background, making it impossible for Downie to detect that.