Download Options

After sending the link to Downie, it will start processing the link(s). Initially, the loading will be indicated using a Loading... text in the top-right corner of the window or by pulsating menu bar icon. As Downie discovers new links, they get added immediately into the queue and get displayed in the main window and in the menu bar.

Download Options

By default, Downie will start the download and will choose the best quality available for you. You can turn off the automatic download start and modify the quality settings in Preferences > General. Before the downloads starts, you can easily change the resolution or format of the download.

Postprocessing can be changed even during the download.

Right-clicking the download, or clicking on the Actions button will produce a menu with various additional per-download options. These options vary depending on the link and on the state of the download. Major features of the menu include:


You can cancel the link processing using the cancel button in the top-right corner of the download. Note that the cancellation is not immediate, but can take several seconds while the current action is finished.