Not all content on the Internet is in the format that you want. For example, some YouTube videos come in the WebM format. QuickTime Player or your iPhone, however, won’t be able to play this format. Or perhaps you want to download something as audio-only. For all these scenarios (and many more), Downie includes postprocessing, which allows you to apply post-download operations on the downloaded files.

Downie comes with the following postprocessing options:

There are several ways to change postprocessing.



Postprocessing even with the option None selected

There are downloads that require postprocessing the downloaded video even when the postprocessing option is set to None. In general, there are two cases where this needs to be done:

Postprocessing and CPU usage

During the postprocessing, you may notice that the fans of your computer go off and the Activity Monitor may report e.g. 700% CPU usage. This is absolutely normal and there is nothing to worry about. Video conversion is a very CPU-intensive task. Just think about it - with a 720p video that’s 1 hour long, the computer needs to process about 80 billion pixels! (1280 x 720) x 24 frames per second x 3600 seconds in one hour Moreover, with videos, it’s not as simple as just writing one image after another - it would be highly inefficient. That’s why modern formats look for pixel movements. With 80 billion pixels, that’s a lot of detection!

Computers are, however, built to work - the CPU is built to withstand long periods of time working at full speed without any damage. Moreover, macOS monitors the CPU temperature as well and modifies the CPU speed and fan speeds accordingly. If the CPU temperature were to climb to dangerous levels in case of a fan failure or if the fan grill was full of dust or lint, the computer will shut down before any damage can be done. If you believe that your computer is overheating and you are experiencing it shutting down during the conversion, please visit your Apple Store and ask them to clean your Mac’s fans and check them for any damage.

If you experience the system being unresponsive and it prevents you from doing your work, you can pause the conversion in the main window by clicking on the pause button on the row with the download. In any case, please contact our support - we will ask you for additional information about your system.