Once in a while you may run into a link that doesn’t work with Downie. These links can be divided into two categories:


Since Downie works with 3rd party online services that can change at any time unexpectedly, breaking the integration with Downie. We do not get notified about these changes by the sites (obviously) and unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to be checking all the 1000+ sites all the time. Moreover, some issues may be only with certain videos and with certain combinations of preferences. This means that the compatibility depends on our users reporting issues with the downloads.

If you have run into a link that produces an error (which will be displayed in a similar manner as in the picture above), please, do not hesitate to contact us. To do so, simply click on the button with the warning triangle button. Note that there are three types of errors for which this button doesn’t open a support dialog:

Unsupported Link

When Downie doesn’t have an explicit support for the link that you’ve sent to Downie, it tries looking for various patterns on the webpage. If it fails to find any known pattern, it will display a dialog as shown above. You are presented with three choices:

Reporting an Issue

If the support dialog is not offered to you automatically (see above), you can always use the Support button in the bottom-right corner of the main window to reach us. There are 3 options:

Please do follow the following guide - it doesn’t only save our time, but yours as well, since we’re most likely to send you a follow-up email where we’ll ask you for the missing information.