Permute is a versatile tool that allows you to convert media files between different formats. To start with Permute, drag & drop media files onto Permute’s main window or its Dock icon. Permute will automatically sort the files into groups by the media file type. For example, if you drop some video, audio and image files, you will get a similar result to the image below.

Permute Main Window

Each group acts separately, can have a different preset, different options, etc. You can drag a file from one group into another, or reorder them within the group as well. If you want to create a new group with one of the files, click on the Actions button on that file and select an option to create a new group.

If you have a custom group, you can rename it by double-clicking its name.

In case you ever need help with anything, there is a Support button in the bottom-right corner of the window which allows you to send us any questions you may have with just a few clicks.

Once there is some content within Permute’s window, dragging additional files onto the main window will show a UI like this:

Group Sorting

This allows you to easily add files to a specific group, or to create a new group with those files. Creating new groups is very useful in case you want to create multiple conversions into different formats (with different presets or options). Dropping the files anywhere in the window will default to automatic sorting which puts videos into a Video group, audio files into Audio group, images into Images group.