Quarantine Self-Repair

⚠️ Note: This only applies to Permute directly downloaded from Permute’s webpage. Setapp and App Store versions are not affected by this issue as Setapp or the App Store performs this step automatically.

When you download Permute from the Internet, macOS marks it as quarantined, just like any other app. When you open a quarantined application, a familiar dialog is presented:

Quarantine Dialog

Clicking on Open in this dialog causes macOS to remove the quarantine. It turns out that in rare cases, the quarantine is not removed entirely - Permute includes various additional tools used for the conversions and these may not be dequarantined. When Permute detects this, it offers to self-repair by opening a Terminal window and running a command that fixes the issue by removing the quarantine flag from Permute.

If you have any questions about this process, please, contact support using the Support button in the main window.