Setting Up Permute

Permute comes with some default settings that are fine for most users, but each use case has its own goals and priorities, which is why there are settings for you to customize. This help page will try to explain some basic principles and includes various tips and tricks. All of these settings relate to preset settings that can be found in Preferences > Presets.

Tips and Tricks

Setting Up Permute

Initially, try setting the Video Quality settings to one of the Low/Medium/High/Ultra options and see if any of those meets your demands. If yes, great.

If you need, however, more control about the size-quality ratio, this is where the Custom option comes in. Please keep in mind that the higher the bitrate, the better quality, but the larger file. And the same goes for the opposite direction. What you need is to find the sweetspot that works for you.

When you set the video quality to Custom, you should specify both Bitrate and Maximum Bitrate (if applicable, depends on video format). The values to enter depend on several things:

The general advice is:

Please note that this is very individual and everyone has the sweetspot somewhere else – this is why Permute has these options. Everyone has a different goal and is willing (or not) to sacrifice some quality for size.