Ever tried to remember a movie you've seen? Ever thought of watching a movie but couldn't decide which one to watch? Rottenwood keeps track of movies that you've seen, displays them in a visual manner and lets you easily filter them.

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To start, enter a movie title in the search field at the top of the window. Search results will be shown. You can navigate through the results using your arrow keys and select the movie either by Enter on your keyboard, or double-clicking on it with your mouse. After that, you can set the movie to 'seen', 'want to see' or 'favorite', adding your notes and rating. Note that only when you set the movie to seen, want to see or favorite, it sticks in your library. To remove it, simply uncheck all these attributes.

Double-click a movie to see details. You can use the Escape key to leave the details (or click the Done button) and Command-[ Command-] shortcuts instead of clicking the Previous and Next buttons.

the right bottom corner of the window, you can find a filter field. Even though it's just one field, more complex queries can be created:

  • my movie will search for movies with title containing the phrase my movie
  • my movie | genre(action) will filter the previously described search by genre - only action movies will be selected.
  • | director(spielberg) will show only movies directed by Spielberg.
  • | year(2001) will show only movies released in 2001 (requires Rottenwood 1.0.2+).
  • | cast(schwarzenegger) will show only movies with Schwarzenegger in them. For convenience, there's also an alias actor and actress for the cast filter (i.e. you can use | actor(schwarzenegger) as well).
  • you can skip the title part and enter just | genre(action) to filter out all action movies.
  • | user(great) will select all movies that you've rated with 67/100 or higher. Instead of user you can use audience for audience ratings. Instead of great, you can use unrated, bad, good, or expressions like 40+ for movies rated above 40, 20- for movies rated below 20, 90-100 for movies rated between 90 and 100, or 13 for movies rated exactly 13.
  • of course, everything can be combined together: | audience(90+) user(90+) will show movies that both audience and you rate above 90, | audience(90+) user(90+) genre(comedy) will show only comedies rated above 90 by both audience and critics.

Note 1: Unrated movies are actually rated as -1, hence unrated movies will not be included in queries like | user(0-100), you'd need to use | user(-1), but it's better to use | user(unrated).

Note 2: All searches are case insensitive. It doesn't matter whether you write genre(comedy) or Genre(cOmEdY).

Rottenwood was made by a movie fan for all the movie fans out there. Each week, dozens of movies come out - to both the theaters and on DVD (or Bluray). If you're one of the guys that watch a few movies each week, it may become really hard to remember all the movies, or even to pick one you'd like to watch sometime.

This is why Rottenwood lets you make your own movie database - add movies that you've seen, mark them as your favorite, add comments to them, or even add reminders for upcoming movies! All in a pretty interface with advanced search features.

Tips for using Rottenwood

There are two search fields in the Rottenwood window - use the top one to search for movies you want to add, the bottom one for filtering your movies (see advanced searching below).

To add a movie to your database, search for it - double-click the search result, or press Enter - this will bring you to the detail window - simply check Seen/Favorite/Want to See to add the movie to one of those categories. That's it!

The filter field at the bottom of the window allows more complex searches - see the FAQ.