Privacy Policy

By using our products, you agree to our privacy policy. This document outlines what information and under what circumstances we keep about you. The left column includes generic information, column on the right contains application-specific information.

If you are using an app from the App Store, we do not have any records about your purchase - neither your email address, name, or any other personal information is collected. Some of our apps send anonymous analytics including your operating system, computer model and the version of the app running. No other personal data is collected.

If your are running a trial version of our app, or purchased it directly from us via Paddle, Paddle's privacy policy applies. In a summary, we collect information about the country you reside in (for tax information, VAT in EU, etc.), your email address. No additional information is collected.

If your are running a Setapp version of our app, Setapp's privacy policy applies. In summary, we do not receive any personal information about you.

Downie - Downie is available via Paddle and Setapp, their privacy policies apply. If you contact us via the support dialog, your email address is not entered into any database, no personal information is collected.