Refund Policy

We offer a fully functional trial for all of our products and highly encourage you to try the application before purchasing it. Given that, the following refund policy applies:

  • If you discover an issue within 30 days of your purchase, please report it via the application's in-app support dialog (Downie and Permute) or via the contact form on this webpage. Please allow 24 hours for us to reply to you. During weekends and national holidays, this period can be longer. In case the team is on a longer vacation (3+ days), you will receive an automated reply informing you of this.
  • We will try to fix the issue within 30 days since your report. This, however, requires some cooperation from you. If the steps requested by the support team are not followed and requested additional information is not provided, the user is not eligible for a refund.

App Store purchases are subject to Apple's refund policies. If you need a refund for your purchase on the App Store, please contact Apple's support.